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Rabid Raccoon Rantings

Nocturnal Notes of a Cheese Smuggler

Fuzzy Coatimundi
4 March 1983
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A crazed relative of the raccoon, also known as the Wraith-Waif, the Idless "I", the Bane of Bean, the People's Smurf and the Defenestrator. Likes abundances of pipes (musica tibiarum imperabat!) and seafood. Appreciates "ae", "oe", and "ou" in place of "e", "e", and "o". Is considered by some to be a security risk.

"In all our efforts on behalf of the liturgy, the determining factor must always be our looking to God. We stand before God – he speaks to us and we speak to him. Whenever in our thinking we are only concerned about making the liturgy attractive, interesting and beautiful, the battle is already lost. Either it is Opus Dei, with God as its specific subject, or it is not." - Pope Benedict XVI, Sunday 9 September 2007

Luke 19:11-27
Psalms 137:9

Nowadays, I spend my time buying cheese and improvising in Phrygian.

"...he would be content to establish the simplicity of a direct physical relationship between man and cheese." - Italo Calvino, in Mr. Palomar
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